Books and TV: Top Ten Tuesday [Wyrd & Wonder 2023 Day 16]

A tag that was originally started by The Broke and The Bookish, now taken over by That Artsy Reader, Top Ten Tuesdays is a list of 10 books that go along with any prompt you chose for that week! The Artsy Reader posts their prompts and you are free to either take inspiration from those prompts or make up one of your own.

Preparing this post, I have realised that I missed the prompt for day 15, Current Reads…so I will make up for that on the 17th. Today, I am instead going to do Day 17’s prompt of Alchemy. On this prompt, much like villains, I admit I’m a little stuck. Mainly because while potions exist in many books, the brewing of them and the actual art of alchemy so rarely feature in them. So, as a result, these are 10 alchemy-based books/shows that I would love to explore in the future.

I would like to clarify that I haven’t yet watched Season 2 of Alchemy of Souls, so it is in both my recommended fantasy and to watch fantasy list ^_^

Have you watched any of these shows or read any of these books? Please let me know what you thought about them! Or if you have more recommendations, please share them with me!

Until next time!


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