About Me

Hi, My name is Miki (not really, but let’s stick with that). I live in India. And I’m a girl who loves too many things.

  1. The first thing I love is losing myself in a good book. It doesn’t matter whether the book is a short story, a novel, a comic. That hardly matters. What matters is that there is a good plot, a new world to explore, and readable characters. So one thing you’ll see on this site is book reviews. But not of all genres. There are a few genres I tend to stay away from and these are; Horror and Romance. There is no sidestepping it, I just can’t bring myself to read these two genres.
  2. I love TV shows. I love being caught up in the life of a character and ignoring all the stress (aka assignments) that are there in mine. As such, I often end up watching shows in multiple languages. Most of the TV shows I watch are English series, J-Dramas, K-Dramas, and T-Dramas (Taiwanese). So you’re bound to find reviews of those shows lurking around this site as well
  3. The third thing is Manga. genre rarely matters (the only thing I can’t read is horror…do not sleep for weeks) It’s just that there is something about the way words and drawings interact, and on occasion, fall out of the page in mangas that attract me.

It was after I started making this list that I realised that there is way too much to actually put down in words. So through this blog, you’ll see my various interests, including health (which is something very important to me). Before continuing this, I should probably say that I’m a university student. So my updates end up being sporadic at best. Constant and random in between updates when I find myself free, and then I disappear for a while as the workload gets to be too much.

Regardless of all that, I try to keep updating as steadily as I can. OH! and I love to talk, so follow me on Twitter, check out my Goodreads, Tumblr or my Instagram. Drop a comment on your thoughts about a particular review ( remember:- alert me if there is any spoilers :P) or suggest something for me to review.

With that, I bid you a momentary Adieu,




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