The Doorway~

A door is a portal to another world, another room or even another dimension...once you step through, you're in a world that calls to your very being. Or, you've just happened upon this website through your endless social network browsing. Both of them are pretty good deals (if I do say so myself). This website... Continue Reading →

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Book Spotlight: Unanimity

It seems this year is moving faster than expeted because starting this year is...a spotlight! I bring to you this fine Sunday, Unanimity by Alexandra Almeida! As always, I thank WriteReads for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful! I have enjoyed not only the opportuinity to showcase this book but also read it... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: Slaughtered Gods

The darkening skies and shortening days bring with it a world weariness and the holiday cheer. More contrasting feels couldn't exist. Crack open the spine to the final book in the exciting Norse Mythology trilogy to escape the weary world for a few hours...or the excessive holiday cheer of aggressive Christmas songs when it's still... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: Northern Wrath

When the winds blow cold and the rain clouds cover the sun, Autumn is in full swing. For days like these, books about other worlds and the fate of the world provide the best distractions. Today I present to you, my (first) stop for The WriteReads Tour of The Hanged God Trilogy I am grateful... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: The Frost Fair

The weather is getting cooler and winter is nearer, what a perfect time for a delightfully magical mystery. Today is my stop for The WriteReads Tour of The Miraculous Sweetmaker #1: The Frost Fair I am grateful to The WriteReads Tour for organising and letting me be a part of this wonderful tour. Happy Reading!... Continue Reading →

March Reads and April Plans

It's a quarter of the way into the year and I've already read 2/3 as many books as I read the entirety of last year. If that doesn't say something about how this year is going nothing does. I've still been a bit lax on posting though and that's partially because I've genuinely been enjoying... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: Man Down

There's been very little change since my last WWW Wednesday, so this week, instead of a mid-week update, I bring you yet another spotlight! Meanwhile, I continue to read and prepare some posts in the background! Thank you Penguin Random House and Write Reads Tour for the opportunity to be a part of promoting this... Continue Reading →

Book Spotlight: Dread Wood

The first Sunday of April and I am back (yet again) with a spotlight! More posts (non tour related) will be coming in the next few days but for now... Thank you Farshore Books and Write Reads Tour for the opportunity to be a part of promoting this awesome book! Dread Woods Author: Jennifer Killick... Continue Reading →

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