The Doorway~

A door is a portal to another world, another room or even another dimension...once you step through, you're in a world that calls to your very being. Or, you've just happened upon this website through your endless social network browsing. Both of them are pretty good deals (if I do say so myself). This website... Continue Reading →

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Books & TV: Top Ten Tuesdays [Wyrd & Wonder Day 30]

I'm back with another Top Ten Tuesday, the last of Wyrd & Wonder 2023! Time really does fly 0.0 but the last prompt is all about magical typography. Typography can make or break the cover of a book and when you're in the world of fantasy there's much to be played with. So for today,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Maybe It’s About Time

The reviews continue! This time the review is a part of The Write Reads blog tour. So without further ado, let me present to you... Title: Maybe It’s About Time Author: Neil Boss Length: 742 pages Genre: Satire Fiction Publication Date: 5th September 2022 A review copy of this book was provided by the author... Continue Reading →

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