Books and TV: Top Ten Tuesdays [Wyrd & Wonder 2023 Day 9]

A tag that was originally started by The Broke and The Bookish, now taken over by That Artsy Reader, Top Ten Tuesdays is a list of 10 books that go along with any prompt you chose for that week! The Artsy Reader posts their prompts and you are free to either take inspiration from those prompts or make up one of your own.

This week, The Artsy Reader and Wyrd & Wonder prompts match beautifully! So, I want to post about the Top 10 fantasy TV shows and books that I just cannot stop recommending to people!

I wish to say in advance that I have most definitely toned this list down because if I didn’t…I don’t think there would be an end in sight…


  1. Stravaganza: City of Masks
  2. The Gospel of Loki
  3. The Girl Who Drank the Moon
  4. Empire of Sand
  5. Amari and the Night Brothers
  6. Night Circus
  7. Star Daughter
  8. Witches Steeped in Gold
  9. Strange the Dreamer
  10. Sunbolt

Some of these are from nostalgia and others much more recent, but these of all the 10 are the ones I’ve had people comment on me gushing about!

Movies & TV Shows

  1. Word of Honor
  2. Merlin
  3. Halloweentown
  4. Rooftop Prince
  5. Twitches
  6. Hocus Pocus
  7. 青の祓魔師 (Blue Exorcist)
  8. Heaven Official’s Blessing
  9. The Legend of Vox Machina (or Critical Role Campaign 1 for those who have no patience)
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Full confession that pretty much all the Disney ones are nostalgia focused…The others well…lets just say you don’t want to catch me on the days when I can talk to you about most of them for hours on end.

With that I conclude my lists and as you…what are some fantasy TV Shows, Movies or Books that you would recommend?

Until Next time!


4 thoughts on “Books and TV: Top Ten Tuesdays [Wyrd & Wonder 2023 Day 9]

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  1. Great lists! I loved The Girl Who Drank the Moon, too, though I don’t see many people talk about it. And The Night Circus is a great book! I think I need to re-read it soon. Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier!


  2. Some really solid recommendations on here! Have you read The Starless Sea as well as The Night Circus? Cause that’s always one I recommend!

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