Books & TV: Fae in Fantasy [Wyrd & Wonder 2023 Day 5]

Looking back through books and TV shows I’ve enjoyed or watched over the years, the Fae come in multiple ways. Even more so since so much of what I’ve read (and watched) through the years intertwines with the fantasy genre. So in honour of Wyrd & Wonder’s theme Fae, here are a few books and TV shows with mentions of the Fae!


TV Shows

Title: Winx Club
Title: Shugo Chara
Title: Seven Deadly Sins

I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that I remember as of now! If I think of more, I’ll post in the future~!

That’s all for now so until next time!
~ Miki


7 thoughts on “Books & TV: Fae in Fantasy [Wyrd & Wonder 2023 Day 5]

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  1. I had an 8 year old recommend The School of Good and Evil the other day. I started into it and was like … um… what? I had started trying to read it to my 5 year old at their suggestion. Do NOT take book suggestions from children without checking them out first. 😀 Anyway, it looks like a good book – just not for her. Also, my partner and I LOVE Seven Deadly Sins!

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    1. It is not for kids that young! I had a similar situation but with recommendations from a pre-teen…The School for Good and Evil is definitely more for the teen crowd! I binged through Seven Deadly Sins and fell in love ❤


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