March Reads and April Plans

March Reads and April Plans

It’s a quarter of the way into the year and I’ve already read 2/3 as many books as I read the entirety of last year. If that doesn’t say something about how this year is going nothing does. I’ve still been a bit lax on posting though and that’s partially because I’ve genuinely been enjoying reading so much, I end up picking up the next book as soon as I finish the one I’m reading. But I promise I’m going to get better at it! I’ve got a few reviews in the pipeline so hopefully, I’ll soon be back on track!

Until then, here is what I’ve been up to in the month of March!

March Wrap Up

Books Read:

Title: Our Violent Ends

Author: Chloe Gong

When I say I needed to know what happened to Marshall and Benedikt, I'm not lying...oh Roma and Juliette too. I was not disappointed.

Title: Witches Steeped in Gold

Author: Ciannon Smart

I saw this in the library and picked it up. When I tell you putting it down again was a struggle, I'm being kind to myself. I loved the way politics and world-building was interwoven.


Author: Alice Oseman

Series: Heartstopper #1

I loved it when I came across it as a WEBTOON, and seeing a hard copy in my library meant there was no escaping the golden opportunity presented to me.

TV Shows/Movies Watched:

Title: Megamind

Yeah...okay this might be my 4th time watching Megamind...2nd since the pandemic started but nothing beats Urlo...except for PRESENTATION!

Title: Perception

I came across this show quite early and thought I'd give the first episode a watch...and the second...and the third...

Title: Kotaro Lives Alone

The baby has been allowed to live alone!! Kotaro's adventures are so cute though. I love watching it to unwind after a long day

Title: Badhai Do

A late-night watch. I didn't think I would watch it, but when it came across my recommendations at midnight, I thought why not.
No regrets. I really loved the way this movie explored its themes

Title: Winx Club Season 1

A second nostalgia watch. I remember watching this on Nickelodeon when I was much...much younger...I don't like Bloom as much as I did then

April Plans

December TBRs

Title: A Torch Against the Night

Author: Sabaa Tahir

I started this series before the second book was even out. Now there's more books and I'm going to be playing catch-up

Title: The Queens of Innis Lear

Author: Tessa Gratton

I bought this book back in 2019 and always told myself I'll get around to it. No time like the present right?

Wild and Wicked Things

Author: Francesca May

A Netgalley eARC that I'm hoping to finish this month!

April TBWs

Title: Winx Club (Seasons 2-4)

I might not have liked Bloom as much as younger me, but I need to know how Stella and Brandon go.

Title: Turning Red

I'm so excited to finally get a chance to watch this!

Title: My Hero Academia (Season 3?)

I binged the first two seasons and was following it quite closely. I'm pretty sure I finished season 3 but I'm gonna re-watch it so that when I binge the rest, I have no gaps!

Until next time!

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