Book: Night Circus

Night Circus

Author: Erin Morgenstern


The circus arrives without warning.

No announcements precede it,

No paper notices plastered on lampposts and billboards.

It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.

My Opinion:

This book was…enticing to say the least. I bought the book because the blurb was too enticing to not do so. What’s written above is literally all it says about the book…and I felt such a huge pull of curiosity that I needed this book.

The result was one of the most mesmerizing books that I’ve read in a while. The plot line is unexpected and doesn’t reveal itself to you from the start. It’s like a ball of yarn, the more you unwind, the more you realize how complex it actually is.

Each character is sketched in detail, and no character is flat, regardless of how ‘small’ their roles seem to you upon introduction. Some of the characters, mentioned once and then never again have a beautifully lasting impression in your mind. The vivid pictures this book paints is probably my favorite thing about it.

Each image is carefully crafted in such a way that you can imagine then right in front of you. The book pays great detail to not just tantalizing the sight, but the other senses as well. From sound to touch, everything is written in painstakingly detail without getting so long as to bore you with nothing but description.

This book works [in my opinion] as the perfect book where the blend of descriptive narrative can be seen. Occasionally, authors can lose the narrative in the descriptive and vice versa. While in most stories, the slip allows for readers to create their own idea of what the image looks like, this story is too centered around images to leave a blank spot. That said, its always possible that the image of the tents, the circus, or even the clock tower in my head doesn’t match anyone else that’s the beauty of words.

Other than the description, the narrative itself is very enticing. With a split between time and people’s point of view, it converges at the center and even after the convergence leaves you asking what will happen next. Mysterious until the very end, this story will make it a book difficult to put down.

Ideal For:

This book is ideal for that week when you know that the work flow is stunted and that you have time. Page turner doesn’t begin to describe the grip this book can have on you.

Read this book with a cup of tea, something sweet to eat, and instrumentals playing in the background. This sets the mood right. Curl up in a corner on a sunny day, or under a blanket on a rainy day and crack open the spine of the book and delve into the mystical world of the Night Circus.

Full of mystery, whimsicality, magic, set in a time we all look back on and changing without completely destroying the timeline makes this book a perfect read for those over the age of 13. And there is not really any mature content in the book, the age restriction is mainly because of vocabulary.

Rating: Rating heartsRating heartsRating heartsRating heartsRating hearts

~As always, comment if you’ve read the book or want to read the book. Remember, keep it clean~140

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