Manga: Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari

Title: Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari/ The Rising of the Shield Hero/ 盾の勇者の成り上がり

Author: Aneko Yusagi

Artist: Aiya Kyu

Status: Ongoing (20 chapters)


Iwatani Naofumi was summoned into a parallel world along with 3 other people to become the world’s Heroes. Each of the heroes were respectively equipped with their own legendary equipment when summoned. Naofumi coincidentally received the Legendary Shield as his weapon. Due to Naofumi’s lack of charisma and experience, he ended up with only a single teammate while others have several. Unfortunately, on his third day Naofumi was betrayed, falsely accused, and robbed by the said teammate. Shunned by everyone from king to peasants, Naofumi’s thoughts were filled with nothing but vengeance and hatred. Thus, his destiny in a parallel World begins…

My Opinion:

So, this is a story that is complete, a Japanese light novel. It’s still ongoing and has about 11 volumes. However, I’m not reviewing the light novel here. It’s the manga. There is supposedly a difference between the two from volume 4 onward.

Much newer than the light  novel, The manga is on volume 3, chapter 20. The story of a boy who gets drawn into another world to fight his own battles. And what I can say about this manga, is that it’s refreshing and quite new. In the sense that the story line is not a repeat, it feels fresh. I am someone who loves to read Mangas like One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto. period and sci-fi novels and Mangas interest me. Yet, each and every time, after a certain point, you can figure out what’s going to happen to an extent.

So far in this manga, figuring out what comes next seems difficult purely because it defies what I expect to happen next, and as a plus (in my taste at least) the element of romance is a barely there subtle thread. The manga is new, and the story is ongoing, so for all I know, the thread might change later on. But it truly is an interesting manga.

The art is just as beautiful as well. Vividly drawn and beautifully rendered, each character seems alive and quite individual, rarely reminding you of another character, or even a stereotype. This is one manga that I look forward to updates from (along with Shougeki No Soma)

Ideal For:

This manga is like RPG meets fantasy…meets slice of life. So far, like I said, there aren’t any sexual undertones of any sort so it seems extremely kid friendly. So I’d say PG-15 for this manga because well….the main concept does have a certain amount of violence. But honestly, this is a mange that you’ll end up waiting for the updates of.

I’d tell you to read this manga during breaks, or curled up with tea…but it’s such an interesting one, that I end up reading the updates as soon as I possibly can. It’s a really good mange to start reading when you’re feeling bored. Especially when you start getting that feeling of what am I doing in life.

So when you find yourself willing to try a new manga, go look this one up, it’s really a fun read 😀

Rating:Rating heartsRating heartsRating heartsRating hearts

~As always, comment below if you want to read/are reading/or have read this manga. But remember; keep it clean ~


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One Comment Add yours

  1. RUKA says:

    I will read this one!!
    I have been wanting to read this manga in a long time!


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