Book: You Don’t Know Me

17205536Title:  You Don’t Know Me

Author: Sophia Bennett


Sasha, Jodie, Nell and Rose never expected to be famous. They didn’t want to be. In fact, they wanted to keep their band a secret because it’s what they do when they’re being stupid together – dressing up and singing cheesy songs. But someone has stolen a video they made. It’s online, and it’s been entered into a talent competition. And what’s more … it’s got 24 votes. In only a few hours, it’s got 24 votes. The girls are about to be faced with a big decision that could make them seriously famous. Just not necessarily the way they hoped.

My Opinion:

Four super close friends. One decision to ruin them all (LOTR FTW!). This book (at least my copy) has bright teal coloured sides and a golden cover. It screams “teenage girls! Come look here and pick up the pretty book.” It looks made for the market, but I like pretty things, and blue things (wearing a teal scarf right now) besides which, the back actually doesn’t tell you anything other than the fact that one decision drives a wedge between a group of friends.

I am a curious being and I wanted to know what this decision was. So I picked it up on an impulse (yes I probably need to curb the number of books I buy on an impulse not gonna happen). I read it the very next day and wow. Let me just say that I didn’t expect what I read at all. I expected teen drama you know what I’m talking about; catfights, makeup problems, very Clique-ish (for those who haven’t read that series, check out my review of that here). It wasn’t, not really.

It did have its share of crushes and fights and the ‘teenage dramatics’ but at the same time, it was very real. It was something teenagers can relate to. It was Saturday evenings with friends, just laughing around and misunderstandings caused by Facebook messaging. It was things that many teenagers have actually experienced.

Ideal For:

The book was brilliantly written for the age group that it targeted, but not for those not in that group. Those who are past their teenage years (even those who are in college to a certain extent) would simply scoff at the book and say that it is merely the exaggeration of another high school drama. For those younger, though, for those who are in their 9th, 10th,11th or 12th though, this book will strike a chord. It’s a light read and should be considered much the same.

Rating:  3

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