Book: Under The Dome

Featured imageTitle: Under The Dome

Author:  Stephen King

It is the very small town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, which is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. No-one can get in and no-one can get out
When food, water and electricity run short, the normal rules of society have changed. As a new and more sinister social order develops, Dale Barbara, a young Iraq veteran, teams up with a handful of intrepid citizens to fight against the corruption that is sweeping through the town and to try and discover the source of the Dome before its too late…

My Opinion:
I was apprehensive reading this because I heard that Stephan King wrote mostly scary stories…or rather Sci-Fi to the extreme. However, by the time I reached the 2-3rd chapter of this book, I was so into it I couldn’t put it down (and consequently got yelled at by most of my teachers). Stephen King is one of the bestselling writers in the world and this book told me why. Each character in the story has their own personality and characteristics that are brought out beautifully. The story twists and turns weaving in and out of itself without managing to confuse the readers, while, at the same time, it manages to keep the reader at the age of their seat. As is expected from a Stephen King book, the language is used is beautiful and the vocabulary-impeccable. There are times when I read certain stories and find myself saying “Oh, maybe this word would have suited the story more.” yet in this book, I found myself so enthralled I was gobbling it up…in fact, I managed to finish this 877 page book in approximately one day.

Ideal For:
Not a gender-specific book, however, one thing that might weed out a couple people is the patience needed to read this book. Although words aren’t difficult, and the language isn’t tough to comprehend, the book is a colossal 877 pages long. This book is not meant for those who want to read as a form of passing the time in between meetings or on a train journey. This book is more like a weekend getaway for fast readers and a Long weekend book to those who read slightly slower. People who read this book have to be comfortable with a certain amount of mature content. There is graphic violence described as well as different sexual tendencies that are touched upon. So if you don’t think you can handle a little intimacy (the unusual kind) and violence as well as death, then I wouldn’t touch this book. However, for those with no qualms about a little mature content, this book definitely makes my top recommended list.

Rating: 3.9

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–As always, comment below to tell me what you think and whether or not you’ll read it…or have read it–


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