Book: The Name Of This Book Is…Secret

Title: The Name Of This Book is…Secret
Author: Pseudonymous Bosch

Series: The Secret Series 


Warning: Do not read this book!

… For amongst its strange and alarming contents you will fin:

two extraordinary adventurers …

a missing magician’s diary …

a symphony of smells …

and a deadly secret.

But wait, you already know too much! It is too late. I’m afraid nothing will stop you now. Open the book if you must. But, please, tell no one.

My Opinion:
This story is unique…and if you do find a story written like this (not by this author) then I will reward…something. Pseudonymous has written this story about 2 11 year old kids considered to be outcasts. Cass-the survivalist and Max-Ernest, the ‘sick’ kid. It chronicles the adventure that starts from when they become friends.
The adventure starts when Cassandra (Cass) finds a box labeled ‘Symphony of Smell’ in the firehouse that her ‘grandfathers’ own. She traces it back to a magician to find out all about a secret society…one whose name shall not be spoken (sorry, I’ve signed an oath on this). And that’s when the entire adventure begins.
The story, you will find is often interrupted with Pseudonymous rambling, commenting, analysing or giving us (redundant) information.this adds to the situation, making the readers anticipate what happens after and doesn’t disappoint you when you flip the page. The book, on the whole is comedic in the most innocent of ways while still maintaining that edge of fantasy, mystery and adventure. Pseudonymous has done a wonderful job in keeping the readers interest and carrying the suspense, all the way to the last page.

Ideal For:
This is a book for 10+ not a lot of heavy things to read or in depth meaning to look for. There is some vocabulary to look out for as well as some phrases that the smaller readers may not understand. However, I have personally seen someone as young as ten (my little sister) and as old as 26 (random woman at a coffee shop) enjoying this book, so it’s up for you to decide. The main genres of this book are fantasy, adventure, mystery and comedy. This combination along with the fact that this book is light reading makes this book an excellent stress buster after a hectic week at work. It’s also the kind of book that you can read while on the train/bus, one that you can still be in the flow off even if you stop mid-chapter.

Rating: 3.6

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–As always, comment below to tell me what you think and whether or not you’ll read it…or have read it–


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